Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Michael Schenker

Born 10 January 1955, in Savstedt, Germany. Michael Schenker recalls being interested in Music as early as 4 or 5 years old. His Mother had a small piano which he liked to play. His Father had a Violin which he liked to fiddle around with. He also liked drumming with kitchen utensils and anything that would produce a sound. At the Age of 9 Michael was introduced to the guitar when his brother Rudolf received one for his 16th birthday. Rudy also had some Beatles songbooks and once in a while Michael was allowed to use his brothers rock and roll properties. At the time Rudolf had his own band called the Scorpions. When he went to work he would ask Michael to figure out the guitar parts to certain songs after school, in his spare time. Rudolf would pay Michael about 1 dollar for each song he figured out for him. This was the beginning of Michaels "professional" career.

One day Rudolf told Michael that a band called the "Enervates" was looking for a guitar player, so Michael joined them. After leaving the Enervates he joined another band called "The Cry" at age 13. Next he left and formed "Copernicus" with Klause Meine and both joined the "Scorpions" one year later. In July 1972, Michael joined UFO in England. Phenomenon, released in 1974, featured the metal classics "Doctor, Doctor" and "Rock Bottom", with Schenker's performance on his Gibson "Flying V" hammering home the band's new identity. A series of strong albums followed before Schenker eventually quit in 1978 after the recording of Obsession. The split had been predicted for some time following personal conflicts between Schenker and vocalist Phil Mogg. The guitarist moved back to Germany and temporarily rejoined the Scorpions, contributing to Lovedrive, released in 1979. In 1980 he formed his own band, the Michael Schenker Group, which was later abbreviated to MSG. MSG's personnel remained in a constant state of flux, with Schenker hiring and firing musicians seemingly at will. In 1991 Schenker also took time out between MSG albums to contribute to the Contraband project, a one-off collaboration between members of Shark Island, Vixen, Ratt and L.A. Guns.

Schenker has continued to play with both the Scorpions and UFO, while recording with further line-ups of his own group. In 1992, Michael started his own record company called "Positive Energy Records" and recorded "Thank You", an acoustic instrumental performed entirely by Michael. In early 1995 Michael reunited with UFO and released "Walk on Water". 2001 brought Michael together with old friend Uli Jon Roth as Uli was honored with a Legends Of Rock concert at Castle Donnington. Uli and Michael Jam with UFO and other guests like Jack Bruce (CREAM). Michael soon left UFO again and released "Unforgiven" and "Arachnophobia". Michael has recently also released "Thank You 2", "Thank You 3" and now "Thank You 4" all acoustic instrumental. 2004 has been a real treat for Schenker fans. He has been on a summer-fall tour in the USA with Uli Jon Roth and playing small, personal venues where fans can meet and greet with Uli and Michael!

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